Thank you from your winner – James!

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We asked James to tell us about winning I’m an Engineer, and here is what he said…

jamesclarkeI didn’t really know what I was signing up for when I applied for “I’m an Engineer, get me out of here”, but I was equal parts excited and relieved when I learned that I’d made the cut, and that it wouldn’t be hosted by Ant and Dec. Thankfully, the team here are so much more professional, helpful, and actually funny. They made the chats runs smoothly, provided us engineers with tips, and answered all of our questions quickly. Thank you for creating such a great event.

Even with all their hard work, there still really was nothing that could have prepared me for the live chats. They were completely bonkers, and were – without a doubt – the most fun part of the whole thing, and led to some of the best (and also cheekiest) questions. Engineers, sign up to as many of these as you can! You won’t regret a single one.

It’s really nice having a community in each zone, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the diagnosis zone. Dawn, Sarah, Sylvain, Tomas, Vaanu – it’s been fantastic taking part alongside you. Your enthusiasm at all times made it such a fun place to talk about engineering, thank you for making it a great two weeks.

To all the students who took part, thank you for all your fantastic questions. So many of them were so good that I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my research by answering them. I hope you all learnt something too. I’m still absolutely staggered that I actually won, so thank you so much for your votes!

I plan to use the prize to develop wearable robotic workshops that can give you hands on experiencing building and programming wearable sensors. If you are based in London, then bug your teachers to get in touch with me about visiting! Keep being enthusiastic about science and engineering, and continue to ask challenging questions about why and how things work. Above all, do what makes you happy!

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